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Business Development Associate


Jewel Capital Inc. is looking for several full-time Business Development Associate to develop new commercial real estate loans in the NYC metro areas. This position will be working directly with the director of Business Development. This position is designed to help candidates gain experience in RE industry and professional and interpersonal skills.



This position’s responsibilities including but not limited to:

1. Leverage existing leads and develop new relationships;

2. Develop new commercial real estate loans;
3. Maintain and manage client relationships;
4. Promote brand awareness and marketing.



The ideal candidate is the person who is interested in expanding his or her knowledge of the real estate finance industry and gaining exposure to complex, creative financial transactions, while participating as an active member of the team.

1. Fast learner;

2. Honest and responsible;

3. Excellent Team player;

4. Strong communication and negotiation skills;

5. Ability to work under pressure; 

6. Detail and result oriented.


Preferred Experiences/Qualities

1. 1+ year sales related experience

2. Basic knowledge in commercial real estate finance

3. Proficient in more than one language

4. U.S. citizenship and green card holder

5. Entrepreneurial spirits

6. Down-to-earth individual


This position will be initially commission based.

May vary based on performance.




1 .开发新客户,巩固并维护与客户的长期合作关系;
2. 为公司发掘新的商业地产贷款需求;
3. 维护和管理现有客户关系;
4. 推广并维护公司的品牌及服务;





1. 学习能力强;

2. 委任正直诚信;

3. 富有团队合作精神;


5. 能在高压环境中工作;

6. 注重细节,工作以结果为导向;




1. 有一年以上业务拓展或销售经验;

2. 具备基本的商业地产贷款知识;

3. 精通两门及以上语言;

4. 美国公民或绿卡持有者;

5. 富有创业精神和实干精神;



佣金提成​ (可根据业务表现调整)

Contact Information / 聯繫方式

Please send your resume and cover letter to: 有意者請發送簡歷至:

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