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Business Consultant

Jewel Capital Inc. is looking for a part-time Business Consultant. The main job responsibilities are identify different business entities, analyze financial and performance results, advantages and disadvantages of system and procedures, and overseeing first-hand research data and information. In addition, the business will also conduct the research to develop strategies to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.


The Business Consultant will perform following job duties:

Business Planning 

  • Draft business proposals of business goals and solution for Jewel Capital by analyzing information collected from interviewing personnel and conducting on-site observation

  • Analyze business characters of our company to help managers improve procedure and recommend new systems on a timely basis

  • Be responsible to timely implement new systems or new procedures of our Customer Relationship Management  

  • Confer with personnel concerned to ensure successful functioning of newly implemented systems or procedures and draft reports of the progress

  • Quarterly presentation on the managerial level meetings with reports of problems and procedures to be improved and make suggestions of alternative practices

  • Drive internal lead management oversight

  • Broad awareness of macro-economic and regulatory changes happening across the Financial Services industry and how this will impact Jewel Capital

Business Analysis

  • utilize existing data sources such as Actovia platform, The Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS) and Zoning and Land Use (Zola) platform to keep tracking on target market and generate market insights for business use

  • create lending market tracking report for internal review and seeking for new business opportunities by using ACRIS platform

  • conduct market research on competitors and generate competitive analysis report for managers to improve marketing, strategic planning, personnel management, and communication

  • collect market data and featured transactions’ information, and utilize analytical tools such as excel, SPSS, Tableau to present the current market trends

  • Based on company’s competitive advantages, conduct qualitative research on our target customers’ demographic facts and social behaviors to best position ourselves to get in touch with our potential clients

Business Development 

  • operate social media platforms, compose regular press releases to audience, including transaction reports, event news, and branding stories

  • organize company’s annual events to increase brand awareness and brand stickiness


Contact Information


Please send your resume and cover letter to:

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